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by Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum, December 10, 2020

We have all felt it or said something like it over years; “skiing is not just a sport, it is a way of life”.  Whether your preference is a snowboard, cross country skis or alpine, the fact is we cherish sliding on snow.  The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum (CSHFM) is about preserving and sharing this enthusiasm and bond with winter.  We can use your help. 


This note is about reaching out on behalf of the Board of the CSHFM to share that we are looking to broaden and deepen our team.  If you are interested, we are seeking people who have interested in supporting committee work or ultimately looking to Board membership.

Across our committee structures we need help with:

  • Media and Communications;
  • Web and Social media;
  • Marketing and Sales;
  • Finance;
  • Events;
  • Fundraising; and
  • Curation and Collections

Where you live does not matter.  We are a national organization working virtually, even before the pandemic forced this reality on us.  If you are interested to pitch in or know more please send us a reply to

“A bad day on the slopes, is better than a good day in the office”.  Unless the mountain is your office.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Stephen Finestone

Chair, CSHFM

— End —

E-mail distributed by CSHFM (December 10, 2020)

Nova Scotia Builder, Cross-Country Skiing – Recognized by CSHFM

An important builder in our sport, Freda Wales, has previously been inducted by the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame; to honour a lifetime of dedicated service to humankind along with an incredible commitment to advancing sport and outdoor pursuits.

Freda was renowned for her unobtrusive manner, passion for the outdoors, and persuasive ability to bring people together. “She was in charge of Outdoor Education for the Halifax District School Board for several years and thus was able to influence many young people as to the benefits of sports and being outside,” advised Dianne Powell, who describes Freda as a “wonderful, solid friend”.

Freda not only inspired and educated young people on the benefit of sports and outdoor activities – she initiated the governance of sport by helping to found five sports organizations in Nova Scotia, including the “Atlantic Division – Canadian Amateur Ski Association”, from which the current governing body for cross-country skiing in Nova Scotia evolved.

Freda Wales Award

Cross Country Nova Scotia initiated the “Freda Wales Award” in 1993. The award is presented to women who have made outstanding contributions to cross-country skiing in Nova Scotia. We acknowledge an incredible historic builder, while paying tribute to our current day volunteers who work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of others through cross-country skiing.


· Maria Ramsey, 1995

· Sue Hill, 1996

· Linda Murray, North Highlands Nordic, 1997

· Linda Murray, North Highlands Nordic, 1999

· Linda Murray, North Highlands Nordic, 2001

· Norma Marchand, 2002

· Gaye Lillington, North Highlands Nordic, 2003

· Eileen Woodford, 2004

· Joanne Fitzgerald, North Highlands Nordic, 2014

· Dianne Powell, 2015

· Nancy Munro, 2016

· Linda Murray, North Highlands Nordic, 2018

· Rosemary Algar, North Highlands Nordic, 2019

· Deirdre Evans, Halifax Nordic Ski Club, 2020


Read more about Deirdre Evans’ contributions to cross-country skiing, read full article (click).

Freda developed a love for skiing in her home province of Quebec. When she moved to Nova Scotia in 1947, the sport had few followers and virtually no facilities to support it. In her unobtrusive way, Freda set out to introduce the sport to the province. (Source: Canadian Ski Hall of Fame, Photo: Saltwire Network)

Freda was born in Montreal. She attended McGill University and received a degree in physical education. Amongst Freda’s professional endeavours, she was the head of outdoor education (HRSB), and taught at Mount Saint Vincent University where she was one of the first in our province to incorporate orienteering into her program.

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