Loppets are cross-country skiing events offering friendly races in a social environment. While some participants are passionate competitors, many simply enjoy the ride, finishing 5km-40km distances at their own pace. All ages and abilities are encouraged to participate, especially beginners. It’s where we come together to celebrate everything we love about cross-country ski culture – friendly faces, cheering enthusiasts, camaraderie amongst competitors, determination of our youngest, admiration for grand-masters, the great outdoors, and the inner satisfaction gained by knowing you’ve crossed the finish line. In Nova Scotia, loppets bring out the best in everyone. If you’re under five years of age, you may even have the chance to enter a “cookie race”, with medals you can actually bite into.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the term “loppet”? Naturally, it has Scandinavian roots, where our sport originated over 5,000 years ago. It’s a special term, describing a gathering of skiers within a positive and festive atmosphere. Scandinavian countries endure long winters with limited daylight – loppets evolved as an important means of uplifting everyone’s spirits and finding inner greatness by skiing en masse. The word “loppet” continues to hold significance in our sport’s culture across the globe.

Nova Scotia loppets bring skiers together and follow the light-hearted tradition of these historic events. We find motivation by skiing as a group while appreciating winter’s landscape. At the same time, we meet new ski friends and catch-up with previous acquaintances throughout the day. After we’ve cheered every skier to the finish line… we definitely celebrate afterwards. Once you’re a part of a Nova Scotia loppet, you’ll most certainly leave all of your worries behind.

Loppet itineraries are all unique. Our province’s loppets may include: socials after the event, draws for prizes, awards, pot-luck, prizing for winners, hand-crafted wooden medals for all, or cookie races for youngsters. One thing all loppets have in common is lots of skiers having lots of fun! Additional facts below:

· Host – Nova Scotia Cross-Country Ski Clubs

· Ages – 3 Years-to-Grand Master

· Abilities – Beginner-to-Expert

· Distance – 5km-40km

· Start – Mass

· Timed – Yes

· Technique – Classic, Skate or Freestyle

· Post-Race Gathering – Many Host Socials

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What’s in a Name?

LOPPET: /’loʊ.pɛt./ Scandinavian origin. A large cross-country skiing event held on a groomed trail, offering choice of techniques as classic, skate, or freestyle; over distances of 5km – 40km (classic Vasaloppet in Sweden, 90km). Historically, many offer rest or food stations along the way, with great celebrations afterwards. XC skiing originated in Northern Scandinavia over 5,000 years ago. Numerous languages use the word “Loppet” with no modifications, and maintain its festive traditions.


Loppets hold many stories of camaraderie, inspiration, traditions, and good times. They are uplifting events offering something for everyone. Do you have a story to share? Please send along, nsxcski@gmail.com.

Racing for Honey “77

by Cross Country Nova Scotia Staff, May 8, 2020 Bryan Scallion’s Idea The origin of Nova Scotia’s longest running loppet and why a pot of honey still rewards skiers at this annual event. A conversation with Dianne Powell about the history of the Honeypot Loppet. Bryan had this idea of organizing a ski race in…


Racing for Cookies!

Join the excitement of the “Cookie Race” at North Highlands Nordic. It’s a day of serious fun for our youngest competitors… that really hooks them on cross-country skiing. “Good luck to everybody. Everybody’s a winner. Go!” — Rosemary Algar, Cookie Race starting line.

Loppet Highlights – North Highlands Nordic

Experience good times, friendly people, expertly groomed course, potluck meal, reliable snow, world-class scenery, hand-crafted wooden medals… and dedicated volunteers. Schedule the annual NHN loppet into your calendar – it’s been held every year for the past 32 years.

2019 Loppet – “You Folks Have the Right Attitude”

It’s the start of the 2019 NHN Loppet. Another great day on the trails enjoyed by many. “You folks have the right attitude. This is just a fun event.” — Linda Murray, NHN President, at the start line.


· 2020 NHN Loppet+ Cookie Race

· 2019 NHN Loppet + Cookie Race

· 2017 NHN Loppet + Cookie Race

· 2016 NHN Loppet

· 2014 NHN Loppet + Cookie Race

· 2013 Honey Pot Loppet

· 2013 NHN Cookie Race

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