Club volunteers work tirelessly on the front-lines and behind the scenes to ensure Nova Scotians can enjoy skiing. Our programs, groomed trails, and many club events would not exist without the help of generous volunteers who donate their time. Every spring at our AGM, we recognize individuals who have made an impact on our sport, and the achievements of our provincial team athletes.


Tell us about a volunteer who goes above and beyond! Nominations are accepted year-round. Send your nomination via the online form below. You can also e-mail or text your nomination to, 902-225-8545. Deadline for submissions is March 15th for the award year.

Nomination Form (online)

CCNS Volunteer Awards

Thank-you to all of the volunteers in our sport! Our awards include: Volunteer of the Year, Freda Wales Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Coach of the Year, Official of the Year, and Corporate Sponsor.

2022John Hudec Sandra Curtis Pierre Roy Grace McIntyre
2021Kevin Chiasson
2020Lorenzo Caterini Deirdre Evans Jack Solomon Rejean Chamberland Hub Cycle
2019Rosemary Algar Rosemary Algar Lilla Roy Seaview Golf & Country Club
2018Maurice Curtis
Michael Shawn Fitzgerald
Linda MurrayKate Scallion Linda Murray The Links at Brunello
2017Joanne Fitzgerald Daniel Murray Tom Ward Hub Cycle
2016Tom Beazley Nancy Munro Daniel Murray Fred LawrenceThe Trail Shop
2015Steve Chipman Dianne Powell Daniel Murray Geoff Bennett Hub Cycle
2014Derek Estabrook Joanne Fitzgerald Daniel Murray Linda Murray Trail Shop
2013Keith Ayling
2012Nancy Munro Geoff Bennett
2011Reid MacDuff
Roslyn MacDuff
Daniel MurrayGeoff Bennett The Trail Shop
2009Mountain Equipment Co-op
2008Dan Farrell
2006Maurice Curtis
2004Steve Chipman Eileen Woodford
2003Sue PhelanGaye Lillington
2002Dennis Doyon Norma Marchand
2001Sandra Curtis Linda Murray
2000Dan MacNeil
1999Sue HillLinda Murray
1998Stuart Germani
1997Linda Murray
1996John ClarkeSue Hill
1995Maria RamseyMaria Ramsey

CCNS Provincial Team Awards

Recognizing excellence in sport. Our provincial skier awards include: Female Athlete of the Year, Male Athlete of the Year, Sue Hill Award, and the Bryan Scallion Award.

2020Fiona McClureOgen NewcombMilo Sircom-BrownFiona McClureDaniel Murray
2019Maggie McClure – Sr
Fiona McClure – Jr
Colin Ward – Sr
Ogen Newcomb – Jr
Grace McIntyre
2018Maggie McClureColin WardCaden MacLeodFiona McClureStuart Harden
2017Maggie McClureColin WardColin WardKate ScallionDaniel Murray
2016Maggie McClureColin WardMaggie McClureColin Ward
2015Maggie McClureColin WardAnya MunroMaggie McClureColin Ward
2014Maggie McClureColin WardHannah EstabrookMaggie McClureColin Ward
2013Maggie McClureEdward WalshColin WardMaggie McClureColin Ward
2012Kilya MacNeilEdward WalshKilya MacNeilDaniel Murray
2011Maggie SoehlLiam McInerneyKilya MacNeil Daniel Murray
2010Jennie RoyIan MurrayJohah HudecMaggie SoehlDaniel Murray
2009Abby LewisChris AlgarMariah HudecKris Doyon
2008Lilla Roy Ian MurrayAbby LewisChris Algar
2007Kate ScallionIan MurrayBenjamin RoyAbby LewisDaniel Murray
2006Kate Scallion Ian MurrayBenjamin RoyAbby LewisDaniel Murray
2005Margaret ScallionIan MurrayMarie SoehlChris Algar
2004Margaret ScallionCharles CurtisMargaret ScallionCathy TuttonKris Doyon
2003Margaret ScallionIan MurrayGrace MacIntyreGrace MacIntyreChris Algar
2002Kate ScallionIan MurrayCarmen Lawrence
2001Margaret ScallionChris AlgarStephen Murray
2000Margaret ScallionIan MurrayLilla Roy
1999Margaret ScallionIan Murray
1998Margaret ScallionIan Murray
1997Margaret ScallionIan Murray
1996Heather MurrayDaniel Murray
1995Brownwen DaviesDaniel Murray

Award Descriptions

Freda Wales Memorial Award

Honours one woman each year who has made a significant contribution to cross-country skiing in Nova Scotia. The recipient’s name will be sent forward as our nomination for the Nordiq Canada Firth Award. Examples of involvement include: local and provincial involvement; coach, official, administrator, or athlete; event committee involvement – race, loppet or fun day; shares a love of skiing just by involvement and enthusiasm for the sport; motivates others to become involved; someone who can be relied on to come through in a crunch – to pitch in and share the load when there is work to be done.

CCNS Lifetime Contribution Award

The CCNS Lifetime Contribution Award is issued to a member of the Nova Scotia nordic ski community in recognition of their long-term commitment to growing, enriching, and promoting cross-country skiing in the province. This person demonstrates a love and enthusiasm for skiing and shares it. They may be a coach of athletes or recreational skiers, adults or children. They may be an organizer of ski events such as races, loppets or community events. They may be a groomer, fundraiser, board member of a club or CCNS, trail maintainer, official, athlete, or administrator. They love to ski and help others to share that passion.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Recognizes dedicated volunteers who donate their time to club initiatives. This award is inclusive of many volunteer functions, including: groomers, coaches, administrators, organizers, fundraisers, communicators, equipment managers, and any of the tasks required by clubs to make cross-country skiing special.  Recipient also recognized at the Sport Nova Scotia Support4Sport Awards Gala.

Coach of the Year Award

Identifies coaches dedicated to helping skiers acquire technical skiing skills and cultivate a love for the sport. Recipient is also recognized at the Sport Nova Scotia Support4Sport Awards Gala.

Official of the Year Award

Recognizes officials who help to ensure safe racing events that adhere to regulations. Recipient is also recognized at the Sport Nova Scotia Support4Sport Awards Gala.

Corporate Sponsor of the Year Award

Recognizes corporate support for the cross-country skiing community in Nova Scotia. Recipient is also recognized at the Sport Nova Scotia Support4Sport Awards Gala.

Athletes of the Year – Female and Male

Based on race results of provincial team athletes. Determined by the ski team selection committee.

Bryan Scallion Award

Recognizes the overall fastest male and female skiers in the Nova Scotia Provincial Championships each year. Award recipients are commemorated on a plaque, which dates back to 1982.

Sue Hill Award

Most improved member of the Provincial Ski Team. Determined by the Provincial coach based on race performances.

Nordiq Canada Awards

Nordiq Canada formally recognizes the efforts of exceptional volunteers, by presenting awards at their Annual General Meeting, held in the spring. If you would like to nominate a volunteer, visit Nordiq Canada. Nova Scotia volunteers are recipients of these prestigious awards.

NS Recipients

2020 Volunteer of the Year Award – Lorenzo Caterini, Halifax Nordic

2018 Firth Award – Linda Murray, North Highlands Nordic

Volunteer of the Year Award – Dennis Doyon, North Highlands Nordic


We celebrate Nova Scotians achieving greatness in our sport. Learn more about these special people, as featured below.