We are a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to advancing the sport of cross-country skiing and its athletes.  We’re passionate about inspiring all Nova Scotians to ski for life. Cross Country Nova Scotia is a member of Nordiq Canada, the national governing body for cross-country skiing. We work to implement policies and vision set out by Nordiq Canada, to meet the evolving requirements of our sport.


Inspire and empower Nova Scotians to achieve excellence, health, and participation in cross-country skiing.


Support our member clubs to promote cross-country skiing for participants of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds.


  • Active Living: cross-country skiing as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Inclusivity: Nova Scotians of all economic levels, creeds, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and language participate in cross-country skiing.
  • Sporting Excellence: Nova Scotians excel fairly and ethically in cross-country skiing.
  • Respect and Fairness: safe, fair environment for everyone and promote respect for our natural world.
  • Fun: cross-country skiing should be first and foremost a fun and enjoyable experience.


  • To support nordic ski clubs by improving capacity for provincial clubs to function together to develop the sport in the province.
  • To develop coaching capacity by improving opportunities for coaches and prospective coaches to obtain the training they need.
  • To enhance athlete development and provincial team capacity by increasing opportunities for athletes to excel by providing resources and competitive opportunities.
  • To promote awareness of cross-country skiing in Nova Scotia by publicly communicating information about clubs, trails, programs and events via the internet and other means.
  • To promote participation by all Nova Scotians by encouraging people of all creeds, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and language to participate in cross-country skiing.
  • To enhance event hosting capacity by encouraging clubs to host races and increasing race official capacity.
  • To diversify and increase resource levels by increasing resources by encouraging new memberships in clubs, exploring additional revenue streams including new government funding sources.