Celebrating his 70th at Provincials

April 17, 2020 – Skiing into his 70’s, Jim Blanchard is inspiring many around him. He completed two days of racing at the 2020 NS Provincials – just a few days after his 70th birthday. Previously, Jim has skied at the same events as Bryan Scallion, and completed the Konig Ludgig Lauf (Germany) 55km event, three times.

Jim waxes his skis under the watchful eye of his dog, Winnie.


An atmosphere of camaraderie prevails at Provincials. View video below for a few sights and sounds from this fantastic event… you’ll hear the NS Provincial Team cheering for Jim.

Jim and Steve Chipman after the race. Steve is a long-time Nova Scotia skier and former president of Halifax Nordic Ski Club. He also regularly teaches cross-country skiing, to individuals or groups.

3 x König Ludwig Lauf Competitor

Every cross-country ski hat has a story (as does every set of skis). Jim completed the König Ludwig Lauf 55km race three times. This race is part of the Worldloppet Series, located in Germany.

Enjoy the Woods…

Photographed are Jim’s skis after the classic event at Provincials.

Call for NS Ski Stories

Do you have a Nova Scotia cross-country skiing story to share? Tales of friendships, mishaps on the trails, good ‘ol NS can-do attitudes that made things happen, humour, or memorable loppet moments?

We would like to tell the greater history of cross-country skiing in NS through your experiences.

Send along to nsxcski@gmail.com.

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