2023 Maritime Cup – 13 Podium Finishes for Ski Team

by Cross Country Nova Scotia, Staff, January 23, 2022

FREDERICTON, N.S. – Sircom-Brown and Lynden Doyon earned double gold, while Norman brought home two silver, Adrien Doyon earned gold and silver, Neklia took silver and bronze, Jackson earned gold, and racers Gallagher and McIntyre secured bronze; at the 2023 Maritime Cup, incorporating New Brunswick Cups #3 and #4, held at Killarney Lake Park, on January 21-22, 2023.

Our provincial team athletes competed alongside 104 racers predominantly from New Brunswick with participants from Prince Edward Island, and one racer from Quebec.

The team competed in event categories U14 – U20, which were organized by various combinations of two loops measuring 5 km and 2.5 km. This racing event is part of the New Brunswick Cup Series and is sanctioned by Nordiq Canada – points are awarded for the N.B. Cup Series and towards Canada Points List (CPL).

Race Highlights:

· Milo Sircom-Brown (Wolfville) won double gold in the U18 Boys classic and freestyle events;

· Lynden Doyon (Hammonds Plains) nabbed double gold in the U16 Boys classic and freestyle events. A photo finish in the skate event put Doyon ahead of the silver medalist by .7 of a second, and 2.8 seconds ahead of the third place participant;

· Cohen Norman (Halifax) earned double silver in the U18 Boys classic and freestyle events. Norman is a first year in this division;

· Adrien Doyon (Hammonds Plains) brought home a silver in the U14 Boys classic event and gold in freestyle – in his first two competitions as a team member. Doyon was 5.4 seconds short of a gold medal in the classic race;

· Paige Neklia (Prospect Bay) secured bronze and silver in the U16 Girls classic and freestyle events;

· Suzanne Jackson (Halifax) earned gold in the U16 Girls freestyle distance;

· Romey Gallagher (Dartmouth) was awarded bronze in the U14 Girls freestyle event. She is a first year team member;

· Jonah McIntyre (Fall River), first year team athlete, earned bronze in U14 Boys freestyle distance;

· The Doyons were the most decorated N.S. family at event, with a combined medal count of three gold and three silver. Nova Scotia ski team alumni, Kris, earned two silver – in addition to Lynden’s two gold and Adrien’s silver and gold;

· Daniel Murray, provincial ski team head coach, brought home double gold in the Open Men’s classic and freestyle distance events;

Race Results:

Maritime Cup – Saturday, January 21: Individual Classic Distance

Romey GallagherU14 F7.5 km4/537:07.8+5:48.4
Adrien DoyonU14 M7.5 km2/630:36.8+5.4
Jonah McIntyreU14 M7.5 km5/633:57.1+3:25.7
Suzanne JacksonU16 F7.5 km4/432:49.0+2.55.1
Paige NekliaU16 F7.5 km3/432:09.8+2:15.9
Lynden DoyonU16 M10 km1/1131:25.8
Cohen NormanU18 M10 km2/430:02.6+1:44.8
Milo Sircom-BrownU18 M10 km1/428:17.8
Jack MacMillanU20 M10 km4/632:11.7+2:16.3

Maritime Cup – Sunday, January 22: Mass Start, Freestyle Distance

Romey GallagherU14 F5 km3/322:10.4+1:55.1
Adrien DoyonU14 M5 km1/517:41.3
Jonah McIntyreU14 M5 km3/519:05.6+1:24.3
Suzanne JacksonU16 F7.5 km1/326:05.3
Paige NekliaU16 F7.5 km2/326:17.6+12.3
Lynden DoyonU16 M10 km1/1126:31.8
Cohen NormanU18 M10 km2/526:39.6+1:34.9
Milo Sircom-BrownU18 M10 km1/525:04.7
Jack MacMillanU20 M10 km5/529:42.5+3:17.9

Complete Results: https://zone4.ca/event/2023/B7B5AB42/


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