2023 Prince Edward Island

Follow along as our cross-country skiers compete at the 2023 Canada Winter Games! We will update daily results in the tables below. Please scroll through this page for more information about our athletes and awesome support staff. GO NS!


CWG – Day 1, Tuesday, February 28, classic interval start

Emma Archibald P/NF2.5 km1/39:44.1
Fiona McClureF7.5 km36/6127:02.9+4:37.6
Grace McIntyreF7.5 km53/6130:17.2+7:51.9
Paige NekliaF7.5 km56/6132:36.8+10:11.5
Lynden DoyonM10 km41/6431:41.1+4:52.5
Jack MacMillanM10 km48/6433:05.4+6:16.8
Cohen NormanM 10 km 30/6430:49.4+4:00.8
Milo Sircom-BrownM10 km 22/6429.46.1+2:57.5

CWG – Day 2, Wednesday, March 1, sprints

Emma Archibald P/NF1.2 km2/34:42.0+3.3
Fiona McClureF1.2 km32/603:21.80+27.78
Grace McIntyreF1.2 km46/603:45.75+51.73
Paige NekliaF1.2 km55/604:07.99+1:13.97
Lynden DoyonM1.2 km28/652:52.72+18.88292:49.89
Jack MacMillanM1.2 km56/653:10.44+36.60
Cohen NormanM1.2 km27/652:50.30+16.46282:47.22
Milo Sircom-BrownM1.2 km20/652:46.40+12.56182:43.25

CWG – Day 3, Friday, March 3, freestyle distance, interval start para-nordic, mass start female and male

Emma Archibald P/NF5 km1/316:43.8
Fiona McClureF10 km34/5637:53.2+6:27.9
Grace McIntyreF10 km44/5640:36.3+9:11.0
Paige NekliaF10 km45/5641:08.2+9:42.9
Lynden DoyonM15 kmDNF
Jack MacMillanM15 km52/6349:49.8+8:25.2
Cohen NormanM15 km21/6344:37.9+3:13.3
Milo Sircom-BrownM15 km20/63 44:18.1+2:53.5

CWG – Day 4, Saturday, March 4, relay mix 4 x 5 km, freestyle

Milo Sircom-Brown5 km18
Fiona McClure5 km18
Cohen Norman5 km18
Grace McIntyre5 km18
Lynden Doyon5 km26
Paige Neklia5 km26
Jack MacMillan5 km 26
Emma Archibald5 km26

Complete results: www.cg2023.gems.pro/Result

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Support Staff:

Team and Support Staff Overview

The 2023 Canada Winter Games are being hosted by Prince Edward Island. Cross-country ski events will be held at the Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park in Brookvale, scheduled for February 28th – March 4th. Prince Edward Island will welcome over 3,600 athletes, managers and coaches, across 20 different sports, for the largest multi-sport event in the country. Congratulations to eight Nova Scotia skiers, who carry on the tradition of competing at the Canada Winter Games, which have been held every four years, since 1967. During this time, 120 skiers have represented Nova Scotia on 14 CWG teams.

Our athletes have been training and racing diligently in preparation for the Games. Female athletes include: two Games veterans who competed in 2019, Fiona McClure (Carleton University varsity ravens nordic ski team) and Grace McIntyre (University of Ottawa nordiq ski team); Emma Archibald (University of Ottawa nordiq ski team, Nordiq Canada para-nordic prospects team); and our youngest female athlete, Paige Neklia (15 years). Male athletes include: Lynden Doyon, Jack MacMillan, Cohen Norman, and Milo Sircom-Brown; who will be competing at the Games in our sport for the first time. View additional details about our athletes in the final section of this page.

Our 15th edition of the CWG cross-country ski team is being led by experienced support staff – who have competed, coached, and supported Nova Scotia athletes for a combined total of 15 Summer and Winter Games. Support staff includes: Daniel Murray (head coach), Lilla Roy (assistant/para-nordic coach), Kris Doyon (wax technician), and Tara McIntyre. Murray, Roy, and Doyon competed on the same 1999 CWG cross-country ski team.

This year marks Daniel Murray’s sixth year attending the Games. He represented the province as an athlete in 1995 and 1999 (earning one top 10 finish, two top 20 finishes & three top 30 finishes), and led the team as head coach in 2011, 2015 and 2019. Lilla Roy competed in skiing in 1999, 2003, and 2007. She also served as assistant coach in 2019, wax technician in 2015, and was on the cycling team at the 2005 Summer Games. Kris Doyon competed at the Games in 1995 and 1999, and served as manager in 2019. Tara McIntyre will serve as manager for the second time at the Games. View additional background information about our support staff in the final section of this page.

The Murray, Roy, and Doyon families have a history of competing and performing support roles at the Games. Murray’s mother, Linda, was the manager for the 1995 Games. She was also a key volunteer when North Highlands Nordic hosted the 1987 CWG. Father, Ken Murray, served as committee chairperson, medical, for the 1987 Games. Daniel’s brother Ian competed at the Games in 1995 and 1999, earning two top 10 finishes, four top 20 finishes and a top 30 finish. His youngest brother Stephen attended the 2003 Games.

Roy’s mother, Marjoree Cogswell, was manager for the ski team at the 1993 Winter Games. Her father, Pierre Roy, competed in skiing at the 1979 Games and returned to coach in 1987 and 1991. Lilla’s brother Ben raced in 2007 together with her sister Jennie Mae, who also competed at the 2011 Games.

Doyon’s father, Dennis, was manager for the 1999 Games and served as Chief of Race for the 1987 Games.

Wishing all of our athletes and support staff the experience of a lifetime at this edition of the Games!

Daniel Murray Head CoachSouth Harbour / BaddeckNorth Highlands Nordic
Lilla RoyAssistant CoachFort Ellis
Kris DoyonWax TechnicianSmeltbrook / Hammonds PlainsScotia XC Ski Club
Tara McIntyreManagerFall RiverScotia XC Ski Club
Emma Archibald P/NFFall RiverScotia XC Ski ClubuOttawa Nordic
Nordiq Canada P/N Prospects Team
1st – P/N S C I 2.5 km
Fiona McClureFHalifaxScotia XC Ski ClubCarleton U Ravens Nordic Ski Team
Grace McIntyreFFall RiverScotia XC Ski ClubuOttawa Nordic
Paige NekliaFProspect BayScotia XC Ski Club
Lynden DoyonMHammonds PlainsScotia XC Ski Club
Jack MacMillanMFall RiverScotia XC Ski Club
Cohen NormanMHalifaxScotia XC Ski Club– 30, C I 10 km
Milo Sircom-BrownM WolfvilleScotia XC Ski Club– 22, C I 10 km


Emma Archibald

Hometown – Fall River, N.S. University of Ottawa full-time student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. uOttawa Gee-Gees Nordiq Ski Team athlete (2021-22, 2022-23), Assistant Team Captain (2022-23). National Para-Nordic Prospects Team athlete (2022-23). Nova Scotia Ski Team athlete (2020-23). Emma’s home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

Looking forward to most at Games: “Super excited to be back racing with Team NS”.

Emma’s Nova Scotia Ski Team experience: “Very welcoming, encouraging, and fun training environment.”

Fiona McClure

Hometown – Halifax, N.S. Carleton University Varsity Nordic Ski Team athlete (2021-22, 2022-23). Nova Scotia Ski Team athlete. 2019 CWG Cross-Country Ski Team athlete. Fiona’s home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

Grace McIntyre

Hometown – Fall River, N.S. uOttawa Gee-Gees Nordiq Ski Team (2022-23). Nova Scotia Ski Team athlete. 2019 CWG Cross-Country Ski Team. Grace’s home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

Paige Neklia

Hometown – Prospect Bay, N.S. Student at Halifax West High School. Nova Scotia Ski Team athlete (2021-23). Additional sports and highlights: Nova Scotia Biathlon Team athlete (2019-23); competing at 2023 Games in Biathlon. Neklia is the only dual sport athlete from Nova Scotia, at the Games! Paige’s home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

All-time skiing highlight: “2022 Candy Cane Cup was definitely my biggest race and highlight so far, it was awesome getting to travel with the team, and get a whole new racing experience because there were so many people. It was also great getting to watch some of the best in the East compete and learn from them.”

Looking forward to most at Games: “Getting to watch and compete alongside some of the best of my age group in the country and getting to meet other people who do cross-country skiing. Also to be in such a big event and to have that experience for future races.”

Lynden Doyon

Hometown – Hammonds Plains, N.S. Nova Scotia Ski Team athlete (2019-23). Lynden’s home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

Jack MacMillan

Hometown – Fall River, N.S. Nova Scotia Ski Team athlete (2020-23). Mount Allison University and Moncton Flight College student. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Aviation. Jack’s home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

Nova Scotia ski team experience: “Skiing with the NS crew is surrounding yourself with a supportive, positive and healthy environment for growth both personally and physically. I couldn’t be prouder to represent anyone else or any other values.”

Favourite cross-country ski memory: “Spontaneous ski jumping and wipeouts at Tommy’s Trails on the South Ridge with the whole team… shortly after river jumping on “Grandmother Yeller”.

Cohen Norman

Hometown – Halifax, N.S. Student at Citadel High School, grade 11.  Nova Scotia Ski Team athlete (2017-23). Additional sports and highlights: 2022 CSG Triathlon Team; XC, Road and Track running with Citadel High and Halifax RoadHammers;  Citadel High Rookie of the Year for XC and Track Team, 4th place at provincials 3000m in 9:48. Cohen’s home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

Post-secondary goals: “I don’t know exactly what I will take at university but I know that competing with a University Ski team will be a part of that experience.”

Favourite racing experience: “Winning 3 medals at the 2019 Eastern Championships as a U14 and getting to wear my Nova Scotian gear up on the podium.”

Most looking forward to at the Games: “I am super excited to be competing at the games with the people I’ve grown up with, raced with, had many laughs with and trained with for my whole life. I think that everyone has been working really hard at their training and preparation for these games and it will definitely show come race day.”

Cohen’s NS Ski Team experience: “The ski team is like family to me, nothing but positive experiences through it. I’ve found my best friends, biggest rivals and great teammates through the team. The lessons I’ve learned on and off the snow have really shaped me as a skier and as a person.”

Favourite cross-country skiing experience: “Our annual post Christmas trip up to Charlo for some big skiing Kilometers and good times has a special place in my heart.”

Milo Sircom-Brown

Hometown – Wolfville, N.S. Student at Horton High School. Nova Scotia Provincial Ski Team athlete (2017-23). Additional sports and highlights: cross-country running, set the provincial high school record in fall 2022 (scored 24 points). Milo’s home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

Cross-country skiing career race highlights: “2022 Nationals in Whistler and the 2022 Candy Cane Cup at Nakkertok”.

Looking forward to most at Games: “Seeing Nova Scotian athletes compete together as a team. And seeing what amazing things we can achieve.”

Milo’s NS Ski Team experience: “A truly wonderful crew of the most amazing people. Lots and lots of good times all year round!”

Favourite skiing memory: “Our annual Baddeck training camp. Every year there are fun activities and good quality training with Dan present.”

Support Staff:

Daniel Murray, Head Coach

Hometown – Baddeck, N.S. CWG Cross-Country Ski Team head coach (2011, 2015 & 2019).  CWG Cross-Country Ski Team athlete (1995 & 1999).  Nova Scotia Ski Team head coach (2008-present). Daniel’s home club is North Highlands Nordic.

“I look forward to returning to Brookvale for national calibre competition.  The race trails there flow like a rollercoaster and which makes for a dynamic race experience where that keeps racers on their toes and their feet always on the gas.  In addition, with Brookvale comes many nostalgic memories, for it was there that I had my first taste of national level competition in 1993 at the Canadian Junior National Championships.  Nostalgia can be a power force, for part of my coaching ‘mission’ to foster the space and spirit in the team that I experienced 30 years ago.  This time around, we have yet another fine crew of athletes representing the Nova Scotian ski community.  They have been very driven to succeed despite our not-so-wintery circumstances here in Nova Scotia and with some solid early season results, I feel that our athletes, at the least will be in the mix at the CWG.  More importantly, here’s to some good performances and memories that fuel their nostalgia for the sport.”

Lilla Roy, Assistant Cocah/Para-Nordic

CWG Cross-Country Ski Team athlete (1999, 2003 & 2007). CSG cycling athlete (2005).  CWG wax technician (2015). CWG assistant coach (2019). Nova Scotia Ski Team assistant coach. Lilla grew up skiing as a member of Arctic Fox Cross-Country Ski Club.

Kris Doyon, Wax technician

CWG Cross-Country Ski Team athlete (1995 & 1999).  CWG Cross-Country Ski Team manager (2007). Kris grew up skiing as a member of North Highlands Nordic, currently a member of Scotia XC Ski Club.

Tara McIntyre, Manager

CWG Cross-Country Ski Team manager (2019).  Nova Scotia Ski Team manager (2017-present). Tara is employed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Her home club is Scotia XC Ski Club.

“I’m a Cape Bretoner currently residing in Fall River. Mother to Grace, 2 x CWG skier. As a child I would break trail in the woods around my home in Cape Breton, but didn’t try cross-country skiing again until about 10 years ago when I decided to sign up for a beginner adult skate ski lesson while Grace participated in her cross-country ski lessons. Eric had long before found a love for skiing. Not long after I started to ski, we convinced Jonah (at that time age 5, now age 13 and member of the NS development cross-country ski team) to take a break from hockey and join us on the ski trails – and he hasn’t looked back! Cross-country skiing is a sport for the entire family and we’ve made many close friends within the cross-country ski family within Nova Scotia and across Canada.”


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