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by Cross Country Nova Scotia, Staff, February 11, 2022

CAPE NORTH: CBC Radio’s Information Morning Cape Breton with Steve Sutherland, hosted Paula Michaelis, president of North Highlands Nordic, live on-air, on January 22, 2022. Kudos to Michaelis for sharing all of the news at North Highlands Nordic. Listen to the complete segment, click here.

Conversation Highlights

Note this interview was recorded on January 22, 2022. North Highlands Nordic currently has a 50 cm – 60 cm base with all trails open, reporting excellent conditions on the date this article was published, February 11, 2022. We were hoping to have this article formatted sooner, thank-you for your understanding.

Currently we have a 20 cm base, which we’re loving because it’s really packed down. All of the trails look good. We’re having an exciting week. There’s a lot of people coming out and enjoying our trails.

The conditions have been fantastic. Our groomer has been out pretty much every day, and the trails are awesome. We have all the trails open, except for one.

We’re hoping by February sometime it [new warming building] will be completed. Currently, we can’t let anyone in due to COVID regulations. We’re really excited about it, our volunteers are truly amazing that we have down here. It’s an awesome place to live; that’s for sure.

Learn more about North Highlands Nordic, visit http://nhn.xcski.ca/.


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