The Keppoch is Hiring

by Cross Country Nova Scotia, Staff, November 18, 2021

Our friends at The Keppoch are inviting applications for General Manager. We are happy to pass along the news to our cross-country ski community, per chance you can refer a capable outdoor enthusiast to apply for this post. Please forward.

Remember to keep The Keppoch’s 10 km of groomed cross-country ski trails in mind, as another ski season approaches. Cross-country ski and snowshoe rentals are available. There are many ways to stay active at The Keppoch, including: snowshoeing, snowboard trick park, sliding, mountain biking, fat tire biking, hiking, climbing structure for children, and more. A seasonally decorated lodge is located at the base of the mountain, offering tables, washrooms, and a wood burning fireplace.

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Job Description

The Keppoch is a year-round, multi-sport, multi-use recreational facility located near the community of Antigonish in northeastern Nova Scotia. Operated since 2010 by the Board of Directors of the non-for-profit Positive Action for Keppoch (PAK), the Keppoch currently has over 40 km of multi-use trails—a total of 43 trails–on 480 acres land. These include dramatic downhill mountain bike trails as well as trails for hiking and, in the winter, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking.

The Keppoch Lodge, at the centre of the facility, is a comfortable place to relax. Other activities at Keppoch include: a disk golf course, climbing rocks, a slack line, a wheelchair accessible trail, a pump track, and a lake for swimming. Events are held regularly and day camps and other programming for children happen throughout the year. The Keppoch is used by members who pay an annual fee, drop-in visitors, and community and private groups. Non-sporting activities at the Keppoch include theatre, art expositions, music festivals, and nature and outdoor education programs.

Keppoch vision

The Keppoch provides accessible inclusive outdoor recreation and education opportunities for local residents and a diverse group of visitors of all ages while conserving access to environmentally sustainable managed wilderness areas and creating economic stimulation. We do this by constructing and maintaining a network of quality non-motorized trails for all ability levels and offering and supporting a range of events, programs, and activities.

Key Responsibilities

The Keppoch Manager is responsible for the day-to-day and season-to-season developing and managing of the Keppoch facility. You will report to the (PAK) Board of Directors and be responsible for operationalizing the organization’s strategic direction as set out by the Board. A strong candidate will bring knowledge and experience in the outdoor activities that Keppoch provides, and high energy, enthusiasm and a drive to succeed.

Working closely with the Board, your core functions will be managing human resource processes; growing the Keppoch membership base and all facets of membership management; developing and maintaining excellent relationships with external stakeholders; working with the Board and other Keppoch employees to plan trails; planning and realising events and inclusive programs for a diverse range of people; working with the PAK Board to make an annual budget, write grant proposals and manage funds; overseeing fund-raising activities initiated by the PAK Board; inter-facing with external groups using Keppoch facilities for events and functions; coordinating volunteers; making and updating signs and maps; managing Keppoch retail merchandise and organizing the rental of equipment such as snowshoes and cross-country skis; managing the Keppoch website, social media sites and other forms of marketing and communication about the Keppoch.


·       Master’s/Bachelor’s Degree in a related area and 3-5 years of work experience.

·       Demonstrated organizational skills, proven ability to manage an office, your time and that of others.

·       Proven ability to hire, train, supervise, coach, mentor, and develop employees.

·       Proven ability to plan and run events and programs for children, youth and adults.

·       Proven ability to budget, manage funds and facilitate the purchase of equipment and vehicles.

·       Excellent collaborative, communication, and interpersonal skills with a range of people of various ages and from different backgrounds.

·       Experience with fundraising and grant writing.

·       Knowledge of and interest in developing equity and diversity in membership, events and programming at the Keppoch.

·       Knowledge of basic principles of environmental sustainability.

·       Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Environment (Excel, Word, etc.) and databases.

·       Willingness to develop computer skills to organize and manage the Keppoch membership database, our website, and social media.

·       Excellent organizational skills and proven ability to manage your time and the time of employees.

Certification Requirements

You must have the following up-to-date certifications or checks or be willing to obtain them:

·       First Aid and CPR level C or Equivalent

·       Current Police Record, Vulnerable Sector and Child Abuse Register checks.

·       WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems).

What We Provide

·       A dynamic working environment with room to develop your professional expertise

·       Salary range $55,000-$60,000

·       Flexible work hours and a great work-life balance

·       An active Board of Directors and expanding facility

·       Exciting training opportunities to enhance your skills

Closing date


How to apply

Please apply through the posted links

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