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by Cross Country Nova Scotia, Staff, September 7, 2021

Real-time online weather and road conditions reports can help you plan more time on snow. Do you watch radar segments that narrow in to specific areas? Have you interacted with snow coverage maps? Did you know Nova Scotia has a snowplow tracker? Of course, these online tools don’t replace first-hand information from cross-country ski clubs or trail managers, though the information can help you understand the many micro-climates in Nova Scotia… and might just tempt you to make that last-minute ski trip.

Weather Sites

Ventusky Weather

A weather site with an emphasis on weather prediction and meteorological data visualization – world-wide. The Ventusky application illustrates of the interdependence of the entire system, displaying the development of pressure, wind, cloud cover, precipitation, and temperature on the map. Available in app version. Note: If you have a youngster interested in learning more about global wind patterns, this site provides an excellent interactive visualization.

>Ventusky Weather

Cape Breton Weather Mesonet

The Cape Breton Mesonet provides live and archived weather data for Cape Breton Island and parts of mainland Nova Scotia. It is a citizen science initiative founded by Jonathan Buffet . There are over 50 weather stations in Cape Breton Island and parts of mainland Nova Scotia. An incredible resource for tapping into weather data for targeted regions.

>Cape Breton Weather Mesonet

Environment Canada & Weather Network

Perhaps the most commonly known weather resources. To note, Environment Canada logs historical data including temperature, precipitation and more. Both sites provide a variety of forecasts – hourly, short-term and long term. Also included are radar maps, weather maps, and satellite imagery. Apps are available.

>Environment Canada

>The Weather Network

Snowplow Tracking, Highway Cameras, Road Conditions

Plowtracker & Highway Cameras

The Nova Scotia government has developed “Plowtracker” to show winter maintenance activities taking place on provincially owned and maintained roadways. Municipalities have separate winter maintenance programs, not reflected in this application. In addition to showing you where our plows are operating during the winter season, Plowtracker also allows the user to turn on other information such as the provincial winter maintenance service levels, access to the provincial highway cameras, and the ability to see where winter maintenance activities have taken place within the last 30, 60, and 90 minutes. To view only highway cameras (click here).


>Highway Cameras (only)

Transportation Conditions

Use this interactive map to learn more about transportation conditions, including: incidents and activities, cameras, ferry crossings, parks, and weather.

>Map Transportation Conditions

Text Report

Do you prefer text reports? This interactive page offers a search function by route, general traffic advisories, and closures.

>Text Report


View transportation updates on Twitter.


511 TTY/TDD 1-877-355-0511

The deaf and hard of hearing community may use 511 on their TTY/TDD device 1-877-355-0511.

>Learn More


Tracking weather and road conditions are essential to every skier’s quest to spend more time on skis. You can gain a greater understanding of Nova Scotia’s micro-climates by viewing weather cameras, plow trackers, and visiting multiple weather forecasts. Snow clearance is trackable – be sure to click on highway cameras to know that road trip is possible! Keep in mind North Highlands Nordic, in northern Cape Breton, is located in a natural snowbelt, with yearly snow accumulation averages of 393cm. Also remember that ski locations with even the slightest elevation can receive snow, when nearby areas have rain. Finding snow in Nova Scotia will take you to new communities, trails, and adventures. Track grooming conditions by visiting, Trails and Conditions. Happy skiing!

Weather Sites

>Ventusky | Meteorological Data Visualization

>Cape Breton Weather Mesonet | Over 50 weather stations Cape Breton & mainland NS

>Weather Network

>Environment Canada

Transportation Conditions


>Highway Cameras

>Map Conditions

>Text Conditions

>Twitter 511

>11 TTY/TDD 1-877-355-0511


>New to Ski

>Trails and Conditions

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