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by Cross Country Nova Scotia, Staff, September 6, 2021

Stay Informed to Ski and Adventure More!

Chasing snow makes for a winter jam-packed with adventure and more time on skis. Take a peek at our Trails and Conditions webpage, for a bird’s-eye-view of Nova Scotia’s trail systems, and see who’s been grooming. Page updates are done at least once a day, though when there’s precipitation, we’ve been know to update it frequently. We are quite enthusiastic about our grooming and snow news. Always check directly with your selected location for accuracy – we wouldn’t want you to miss out on time skiing.

There are many micro-climates in Nova Scotia. We urge you to check all regions for skiable snow! Areas of Cape Breton have been known to have skiable snow in April, sometimes June (off trail). Be sure to keep North Highlands Nordic and Ski Tuonela on your radar. If you’re travelling to Cape Breton, be sure to check-out Cape Breton Nordic located in North Sydney.

Halifax Nordic Ski Club is a fine example of grooming a number of trail systems at varying locations, that take advantage of micro-climates. For example, the increased elevation at Dollar Lake and Oakfield Golf and Country Club properties, can sometimes mean snowfall, while nearby locations receive rain. Even though your front lawn is green, there may be skiable snow within a short drive. Note that Halifax Nordic Ski Club maintains a Facebook Group, encouraging skiers to share conditions updates, and is also a good forum for questions you may have about the sport.

Do you have “rock skis”? Many skiers keep skis they replace with newer models, to use when snow coverage is less than optimal. You can also seek out used skis for this purpose. Rock skis ensure you don’t damage your primary gear and they open up even more options to ski – on or off trail. Did you know you can ski on a grass surface with as little as 5 cm of snow? If you’re open to learning classic and skate you will further increase they type of terrain you can ski. During the next snowfall, take your “rock skis” up to your local park to enjoy an off-trail ski. Recalling the origins of our sport, when skiing was primarily a method transportation to travel over every type of terrain possible, as reflected in the name “cross country”, skiing off-trail provides new skiing opportunities. Local parks can be fun for children to explore.

As we approach another season, stay informed about grooming and weather, find new trails, perhaps contact your local cross-country ski club for information on trying both disciplines of skiing – skate and classic, and keep adventure top-of-mind. It will all add up to even more good times on skis.

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