Coaching License Registration or Annual Renewal

by Cross Country Nova Scotia, Staff, July 27, 2021

Are you hoping to volunteer coach or help to deliver lessons with any age group for seven hours or more per year? You will require a coaching license. If you currently hold a coaching license, it’s time for your annual renewal.

Sign-up or Renew

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Who Needs a Coaching License?

You need a coaching license if you perform typical coaching tasks with a Nordiq Canada club, including delivering or helping to deliver practices with any age group for at least seven hours per year. Only coaches who meet the Minimum Mandatory Coaching Qualifications (see the Document Centre) and have a valid Coaching License will benefit from Nordiq Canada’s liability insurance while coaching with a Nordiq Canada ski club.

Personal information is kept private and may only be used for risk management, planning and communication between the coach, Nordiq Canada and the coach’s club and Division.

The license is renewable annually and is valid from July 1 to June 30. Registration opens on June 15 each year. You must already be a club member to sign up for a Coaching License.

Benefits for Coaches

>The license is free

>Third-party general liability insurance

>More licensed coaches means more Sport Canada funding to support you

>Email notification of new coaching resources

>Club Podium ranking points for all licensed coaches; the more points a club has, the more likely the club is to receive National Winter Sport Development Association coach funding


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