Cape North Skier Set Goal to Ski 1,000km

by Erin Pottie, Cape Breton Post, March 19, 2019


We particularly enjoy skier stories. As we approach 2021, we recall a story of determination by a Cape North skier, Freda McEvoy, who challenged herself to ski 1,000km during the 2018-2019 season. McEvoy advises that skiing alleviates her symptoms of arthritis and she just “loves it”. Kudos, you are an inspiration to us all! Freda is a member of North Highlands Nordic. Read more about Freda in the article below, as printed in the Cape Breton Post (March 19, 2020).



A Victoria County woman will attempt to cross-country ski a thousand kilometres in a single winter before the snow disappears.

Freda McEvoy grew up in the Cape Breton Highlands where she fell in love the sport.

A resident of Sunrise Valley in Cape North, McEvoy has already traversed over 700 kilometres of trails since December.

“It gets you out of the house and into the fresh air,” she said. “I do it a lot for exercise and I just love it.”

Areas of northern Cape Breton typically receive significant snowfall far earlier in the season than their southern counterparts.

McEvoy said she started skiing around her house prior to the January opening of trails at North Highlands Nordic in Cape North along the Cabot Trail.

She has been following her progress using a GPS tracker on her cellphone.

McEvoy said she skis in almost all weather. At times, she’s been only person out on the trails.

After returning from a skiing session, McEvoy keeps a written tally of her progress and typically aims to cover about 10 kilometres per day.

“Last year, I ended up with 850 km, but last year I skied down into April,” she said. “So far this year, I’m ahead in kilometres compared to what I had this time last year.”

McEvoy is also among the one in six Canadians who suffer from arthritis.

She said daily activity helps to alleviate symptoms of the disorder, including joint pain and stiffness. In the summer, she keeps up her fitness by bicycling.

“It pretty much uses every muscle in your body, your arms, your legs,” said McEvoy of skiing. “I’m going to try to see if I can do 1,000 kilometres as my goal, whether I make it or not, I don’t know before the snow ends.”

McEvoy was even hitting the snow when the Cape Breton Post contacted her last week.

North Highlands Nordic shared McEvoy’s progress earlier this week on their social media page.

Marion Boddy, manager of the ski room, praised McEvoy on her accomplishments.

“Freda is an incredible member to North Highlands Nordic and comes out every day to get her kilometers in and even on the truly windy day it never deters her,” Boddy said. “Congratulations is definitely needed.”

McEvoy in turn praised the work of volunteer groomers Maurice Curtis and Michael Fitzgerald for keeping such pristine paths at the facility.

The Cape North ski club was founded in 1977 by a small group of enthusiastic skiers who shared a love of winter and the area’s splendid scenery.

It operates out of a room in the Northern Victoria Community Centre and features 12 km of trails.

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By Erin Pottie, Cape Breton Post, March 19, 2020. View original article.


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