Individual vs. Group Training Webinar – Nordiq Canada (recording included)

Nordiq Canada is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, June 9th, at 12PM MST (3PM AST) – to explore autonomy vs follow-up. Athletes do parts of their training as a group and parts on their own. What objectives and impacts should be considered in deciding what kind of workouts to implement for either scenario. Join in this webinar for insightful views from a diverse and knowledgeable panel of experts.

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Meeting ID

> 818 4216 2230

Published: June 7, 2020

Panel of Experts


  • National Ski Team Coach for Nordiq Canada
  • Graduate of the Norwegian School of Sports Science.
  • Winner of the coach of the year from Norwegian ski federation.
  • Previously Head Coach at Team Kollen – junior team constituted from clubs based at Holmenkollen in Oslo.


  • Para Nordic National Ski Team Head Coach since 2010
  • Former Olympian and visually impaired Para-Olympian guide
  • Governor General’s Meritorious Service award recipient
  • Recipient of numerous Petro Canada Coaching excellence awards


  • Mental Training and Performance Consultant
  • PhD in philosophy and a Master’s degree in Performance Psychology
  • Involved in three winter Paralympic cycles (2010, 2014, 2018) and two Olympic cycles (2014-2018) with multiple sport teams, including the Canadian National Biathlon and Para Nordic teams.


  • Canadian Cross-Country National Ski Team athlete from Whitehorse, YK
  • 2018 Winter Olympian
  • Training with the Alberta World Cup Academy since 2012
  • Dahria loves skiing because it gives her endless opportunities to spend time outside exploring and travelling to new places
  • Pursuing Bachelor of Management in Marketing, Athabasca University

Webinar Video (updated following webinar)

Nordiq Canada recorded the webinar. Please view YouTube video below (click photo).

Video link:

Webinar Video Recordings – Nordiq Canada

Chat with Champions: Devon Kershaw, Ragnhild Haga and Eirik Brandsdal, & Sophie Caldwell Hamilton

Intentional Training

Individual vs Group Training




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