Running Webinar – Nordiq Canada (recording included)

Sign up for Nordiq Canada’s webinar on Tuesday, June 2nd (3:00PM AST), to be inspired by three experts in cross-country skiing and running. You have the opportunity to learn directly from a former national cross-country ski team member, one of our national ski team coaches, and the manager of Coaching Education and Development for Athletics Canada (national sport organization for Track and Field).

Webinar Video

Nordiq Canada recorded the webinar. Please view YouTube video below.

Video link:

Published: June 1, 2020 Updated: June 8, 2020

Tuesday, June 2nd, 3:00PM Atlantic Standard Time.

Webinar Details

(Published – Nordiq Canada website) Long distance running can be intimidating and everyone has to start somewhere. For cross country skiers it is an integral part of the annual training plan that helps to build endurance, stamina and strength for on and off the trails. Join us for this inaugural Nordiq Connection session that breaks down the science of running by providing guidelines for running progressions and injury prevention.

Panel of Experts


  • Manager of Coaching Education + Development for Athletics Canada (national sport organization for track + field)
  • Coach for aspiring Olympians, university + high school student-athletes
  • 16-year member of the part-time faculty in Concordia’s English department
  • Bachelors in common and civil law, McGill University


  • National Ski Team Coach for Nordiq Canada
  • Graduate of the Norwegian School of Sports Science.
  • Winner of the coach of the year from Norwegian ski federation.
  • Previously Head Coach at Team Kollen – junior team constituted from clubs based at Holmenkollen in Oslo.


  • Former cross-country skiing national team athlete.
  • Owner of Newtown Sales + brand representative for multiple outdoor endurance sports.
  • Salomon sports + marketing representative.
  • Accomplished mountain + trail runner.
  • Competed at the World Mountain Running Championships 2002-2006.

Webinar Video Recordings – Nordiq Canada

Chat with Champions: Devon Kershaw, Ragnhild Haga and Eirik Brandsdal, & Sophie Caldwell Hamilton

Intentional Training

Individual vs Group Training




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