1979 P. A. Arctic Fox Roller-Ski Relay

Athletes roller-skied for 24 hours in a 1979 roller-ski relay organized by P. A. Arctic Fox Cross-Country Ski Club, at the KMart parking lot in Dartmouth – complete with tents and a sofa to rest between intervals. Arctic Fox paid $183 for radio ads and $32 for printing costs to organize what proved to be a memorable event.

Pierre Roy co-ordinated this event, recalling: “Yes, that was a fun time. We raised $2,000 to support our team activities. The funds raised bought roller-skis and helped fund camps. At the time we were mostly students from Prince Andrew High School”. Thank-you to Pierre Roy for sending along this information.

“Your support will guarantee a high caliber of instructors for tomorrow’s skiers.

Pierre Roy – President’s Note, 1979 Event Flyer

A historically accurate quote. Many of the PA/Arctic Fox skiers, have chosen to pay it forward to the next generation of skiers, as identified in Pierre’s commentary below. Fast forward to today’s provincial team, and coaches with Arctic Fox backgrounds are amongst volunteers supporting the next generation.

“I have fond memories of the fabulous group of skiers that have their roots from PA/Arctic Fox I suspect the list is quite long of those that enjoyed many training camps in Wentworth HI hostel , those that honoured the provincial ski team and those that gave back and are still on the go”, Pierre Roy.

Carl Purcell, a former teacher at Prince Andrew High School, initiated the P. A. Arctic Fox Cross-Country Ski Club, in the 1960’s. Purcell’s efforts and enthusiasm to build this team, contributed to many victories during his years as coach, and helped set the foundation for cross-country skiing in Nova Scotia.

Did You Know?

Ron Hill designed the P.A. Arctic Fox Cross-Country Ski Club logo.


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