New Brand for National Sport Organization

Canada’s cross-country ski national sport organization has established a new strategy, to be supported by a bold and new brand. “Nordiq Canada” will identify the NSO, which was formerly “Cross Country Ski de fond Canada (CCC)”.

Published: Spring, 2019

Cross Country Ski de fond Canada launched its new brand in March, 2020.

Brand Overview

Nordiq Canada announced a revised brand in March 2020, that was developed from input by over 1,000 community members. It’s a new direction for the NSO. Nordiq Canada describes its brand messages as “bold and yet focused”. The key brand messages involve getting all Canadians on “skinny skis”, and more athletes on podiums.

Nordiq Canada’s brand launch video.

The brand will highlight the synergy between grass roots and high performance.

Strategic Goals 2016 – 2026

Five strategic goals have been outlined as in the photos below.

Nordiq Canada is initiating strategies to ensure the sport is effectively growing within the modern-day context.

Business Plan 2019 – 2020

Nordiq Canada released its Business Plan 2019 – 2020, which is step 4 in a 10-year plan toward 2026.

Key priorities for 2019 – 2020

  1. High performance development
  2. Promotion of the sport
  3. Safety in sport
  4. Revenue generation


Nordiq Canada

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