4 NCCP Courses – No Fees + NS Coach PD Sessions

Four NCCP online training courses are free from September 21 – 29, as offered in conjunction with National Coaches Week.

Posted: September 2019

Through “Coaches Week”, the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) increases awareness of the tremendous positive impact coaches have on individuals and communities across Canada,.

NCCP Courses Offered at No Cost | Sept 21-29

  1. Making Head Way in Sport
  2. Coaching Athletes with a Disability
  3. Coach Initiation in Sport
  4. Emergency Action Plan

Register | E-Locker

Coach PD Sessions | Nova Scotia

Hosted by Coach NS.

#ThanksCoach | #ThanksXCCoaches

Cross Country Nova Scotia would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all of the cross country ski coaches in the province. Coaches of all ages volunteer their time to teaching program participants new skills, and leading good times on the snow.

Photos with some of the fantastic coaches from Halifax Nordic and North Highlands Nordic.

Thank one of your coaches today! The Coaching Association of Canada has a Twitter Campaign running #ThanksCoach.

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