Cross-country skiing is a true family sport, with many children joining their families on skis almost as soon as they can walk. “Learn to ski” programs for children ages four through 12, are extremely popular at Nova Scotia Clubs. Our coaches help your children develop solid technical skills, physical fitness, and a love for the outdoors.  We hope they will recall the hazy glow of happiness from their time on skis; taking with them all of the care and kindness from the cross-country ski community.

Bunny Rabbit (ages 5 and under)

The first level of our programming is for children up to 5 years old, which targets the Active Start stage of development. The objective of the program is to introduce cross-country skiing and the healthy lifestyle associated with it through organized activity and active play. Our Bunny Rabbits also develop a positive self-image, movement skills, an appreciation for the outdoors, and new ski friendships.

Jack Rabbit (ages 6-9)

The second level of our programming is the “FUNdamentals” stage of development. Program materials include an enrolment kit, special toque, and an illustrated booklet that tracks levels of achievement. The objective is for children to learn basic cross-country ski skills, including classic and skating styles and to instil a lifelong interest in the sport. Participants will develop the basics of agility, balance, coordination and speed, as well as good ski technique habits, fun and fitness.

Track Attack (ages 10-12)

The third level of our programming is for children up to 12 years old. Program materials include an enrolment kit, buff, and all-weather program award stickers for the skier’s program passport. The focus of the Track Attack program is to help participants become technically competent cross country skiers and use their skills to explore a wide range of ski activities.

Many provincial, national, and international-level athletes started out in the “learn to ski” program. Young athletes who display an aptitude for cross-country skiing are identified by club coaches and recommended to the Nova Scotia Provincial Team, for consideration. 

For more information on programs, please contact your local Club, or visit Nordiq Canada.

Review a listing of athlete funding options in the Document Centre.


Welcome to the magic of childhood on skis! Lessons are where youngsters make little ski friends, share a few giggles, and learn to get back up. We hope they will fondly recall the hazy glow of happiness from their time on skis – taking with them all of the kindness and care from being a part of the ski community.

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