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by Cross Country Nova Scotia, Staff, September 10, 2021

Instruction for Skiers of All Abilities

Nordic Ski Lab provides online cross-country ski technique videos including skate and classic skiing, demos, drills, and step-by-step lessons. One of the best ways to learn sports, including cross-country skiing, is through observational learning. If you’re new to skiing, please take the time to review this incredible resource! Understanding cross-country skiing technique and practicing drills targeted to your ability will help you move further with less effort – contributing to additional enjoyment of the sport.

Perhaps you’re a seasoned skier with racing experience? Nordic Ski Lab provides demonstrations performed by World Cup athletes and Olympians to help you master high performance techniques used by professional competitive cross-country skiers.

Are you a parent or coach teaching children how to ski? You can access videos featuring dryland games and on-snow games to get youngsters moving on skis and having fun.

Technique Analysis

Members are invited to send their ski videos in for technique analysis.


Want to ski like the experts? We can help. We have online drills, technique analysis, expert demos and more. Visit to learn more.

Extensive Video Library

Nordic Lab provides over 100 cross-country ski technique videos, on and off snow, including:

1. Ski Lessons & Drills

  • Beginner Lessons | Steb by step lessons
  • Classic Ski Drills | Drills & lessons for classic
  • Skate Ski Drills | Drills & lessons for skate
  • Downhill Skills | Skills for variable terrain
  • Racing Skills | Smarter competition
  • Universal Tips & Cues | Broadly true, broadly helpful

2. Technique Demos & analysis

  • Techniques Explained | Breakdown and slo motion
  • Expert Demos | For visual reference
  • More about Technique
  • Member Videos | Video technique feedback

3. Off Snow

  • Roller Skiing | Getting started & drills
  • Yoga for Skiers | Improve your posture, alignment & mobility
  • Dryland Training | Striding and exercises
  • Daily Movement | More exercise ideas

3. Kid’s Games (Open Access)

  • Dryland Games
  • On-Snow Games

4. Other Topics

  • Biomechanics | Move better, ski better
  • Expert Insights | Athletes, coaches & scientists
  • Wax and Gear | Videos to get you thinking

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Three Canadian coaches partnered to launch Nordic Ski Lab in 2016: Kim McKenney, Kai Lukowiak and Chris Jeffries. (At the time, the site was called “XC Ski Nation”.  Re-branding occurred in 2020 due to a trademark conflict.)

Kim is the lead on the project and does most of the video production and admin. Kai is a former racer, coached by Chris, who is a former member of the Canadian National Team. Chris retired as an athlete after competing at the Turin Olympics and is currently High Performance Director at one of Canada’s National Training Centres.

Additionally, the team calls upon a number of other coaches, top athletes and experts from related fields in their videos. Nordic Lab also partners with Nordiq Canada to jointly produce videos.

Kim McKenney

The insights Kim gained as an adult learner help her find novel ways to teach high performance skiing. Kim has many years experience coaching youth and adult athletes. She’s the proud creator of several popular drills, such as the “Stride Triangle”, “Invisible Wall”, and the “One Skate Dance”. She’s renowned for her ability to explain technique in easy to understand language. Kim has 10 years coaching experience and is CANSI and NCCP certified. Educational Background: BSc (honours) Zoology, MSc Neuroscience

Chris Jeffries

Chris is a world class coach and Olympian. He represented Canada on the Canadian Ski Team for 10 years, competing at 4 World Championships, numerous World Cups and the 2006 Winter Olympics. In addition to providing technical leadership for XC Ski Nation, he’s currently High Performance Program Director, Alberta World Cup Academy, one of Canada’s national athlete training centres. Chris is beloved in Canada for his generous, charismatic personality and his many talents as a coach and athlete. Chris has 12 years coaching experience and is NCCP certified. Educational Background: BSc Economics

Kai Lukowiak

Kai grew up ski racing, pursuing the dream as a competitive athlete while coaching skiers at all levels – from young skiers who just want to have fun, to ambitious master’s athletes with serious skiing goals. Kai has a gift for translating the complexities of the sport into simple steps that help adult skiers experience dramatic improvements in their technique. He’s an admitted nordic ski geek and loves studying all aspects of cross-country skiing. Kai has 8 years coaching experience and is NCCP certified. Educational Background: BSc (honours) Economics, MSc Data Science and Machine Learning

Go For It!

As another cross-country ski season approaches, why not include Nordic Ski Lab in you tool kit? Membership is reasonably priced at $33.50 USD / year. Viewing expert skill demonstrations of one of the most beautiful sports in the world, is also sure to increase your motivation to ski more.


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