Dear XC Ski Moms

May 2020 – Dear XC Ski Moms;

We see you.  A nod to our “cross-country ski moms”, who may or may not have children of their own. We appreciate you are working diligently, helping many to develop a passion for skiing and demonstrating the virtues of our sport.  Invaluable gifts, that impact future generations of your family and our greater cross-country ski community.  

May is a time when we are reminded to acknowledge the contributions of mothers to our lives.  Nova Scotia’s ski history is filled with our sport’s traditions being passed through family lines by influential builders – many of whom prefer not to be in the spotlight.  Intrinsic motivation and sheer joy of seeing others adopt the values of skiing for life, plays a part in their reward.  

We are confident you know who you are. May we all find comfort in the memories of our cross-country ski mothers and continue paying forward all of the “good” for many lifetimes over. Thank-you.

We would like to acknowledge the many moms who are not photographed, and may not be skiers themselves. Many moms are helping children discover a love for our sport, and doing a million little things behind the scenes to make it happen. If you have a fantastic photo of a cross-country ski mom to share, please send it our way.

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