Survey – Adult Skiers

Calling all adult Nova Scotia skiers. Nordiq Canada would like to hear from YOU! Your voice will help the greater cross-country skiing community. Thank-you for considering.

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Published: November 22, 2019

Your opinion matters! Adult skiers invited to share thoughts with Nordiq Canada.

Message from Nordiq Canada

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After recently rebranding and redefining our mission, Nordiq Canada wants to go beyond the operation of high-performance skiing and Skill Development Programs, and find ways to better serve the cross country ski community at large.

Your direct feedback will result in ideas that will positively impact you and skiers like you across the country. In participating in this survey, you can help Nordiq Canada in our commitment to all levels of skiing and to champion cross country skiing as a sport for life, for all.

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Skills Development Program – Webinar

Nordiq Canada invites club coordinators, coaches, and interested volunteers to take part in a webinar designed to maximize delivery of the skills development program – keeping our young skiers engaged from the start. Webinars scheduled for: Wed Dec 4th 8:00 p.m., Sat Dec 7th 1:00 p.m. (AST). French instruction on Thurs Dec 5th 8:00 p.m. (AST). Length is 45 minutes, with ability to ask questions.

Published: November 22, 2019

North Highlands Nordic “Class of 2019 Jackrabbits”.

Message from Nordiq Canada

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Over the past year and a half it has come to our attention that the effective delivery of Skill Development Programs at the club level could benefit from greater support, clarity and understanding. As such, Nordiq Canada has prepared a webinar to help Program Coordinators better prepare and deliver their services. As such, we invite the coordinators from clubs across the country to join us for a forty-five minute online session where we will address the following three broad topics:

  • Delivering complete and progressive programs that will keep young skiers challenged and engaged while promoting and enhancing a culture of skiing;
  • Identify and examine the materials and strategies available to Program Coordinators to best effectuate their tasks;
  • Explore some approaches to managing SDP materials to promote a higher level of engagement and achievement of program goals.

While specifically targeting Program Coordinators, this free and accessible session is by no means restricted. Club administrators and coaches are also invited to attend.

English sessions:

Wednesday December 4th, 2019 at 19:00 EST / 20:00 AST

And again Saturday December 7th at 12:00 EST / 1:00 AST

French session:

Thursday December 5th, 2019 at 19:00 EST / 20:00 AST


45 minutes with a question period at the end.

Attendees will be able to ask questions via the Chat function. 

Presentation platform:

The webinar will be hosted via Adobe Connect.

Attendees can sign in via the following link:

Wednesday December 4th, 2019 at 19:00 EST

And again Saturday December 7th at 12:00 EST:

(French) Thursday December 5th, 2019 at 19:00 EST: 

We recommend you verify your link prior to the session.

It will also be possible to attend via telephone by accessing the following number and applying the associated access code:

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BIG Roll 2019

The Big Roll brought members of the cross-country ski community together from across three provinces, who roller-skied and skied their way, collectively, 2.85 times from Halifax Nordic to North Highlands Nordic – at the first annual “Big Roll” held on Sunday, November 10th, 2019. A collective total kilometres was calculated by adding each person’s distance travelled. The Nova Scotia cross-country ski team hosted this event to increase awareness for roller-skiing and raise funds to off-set competitive training.

Published: November 15, 2019

The Big Roll brought members of the cross-country ski community together from across three provinces, who contributed towards a collective distance travelled. Participants included a wide-range of ages and abilities.

Event Highlights – Video

There were many memorable experiences at this event – view highlights in the video below.

From first time roller-skiers through seasoned athletes, the Big Roll offered something for everyone – including some fantastic home-baked goods and hot beverages at the team’s bake sale table.


Slideshow – click “arrow” on photo below to view additional photos. Swipe left on cell phones.

Try-It Roller-Skiing – Halifax Nordic

Halifax Nordic hosted a session alongside the Big Roll for members to try roller-skiing. Coordinated by David Hubley, it was a fantastic opportunity for first-timers to give it a try and add to the Big Roll’s collective kilometres. Halifax instructors Hannah and Jack led the youth roller-skiing group during the event – thank-you!

Halifax Nordic has a fleet of roller-skis available to members during club events. Roller-skiing is cross-country ski specific training and FUN!

Supportive XC Community

The provincial cross-country ski team received many encouraging messages from the community leading up to the Big Roll. Thank-you to all friends and family of the team for taking the time to write positive notes.

A few more words of support. A complete listing of messages to the team can be found on the event page.

Building Tomorrow’s High Caliber Instructors

Supporting the provincial team is an investment in future cross-country ski communities. The provincial program cultivates volunteerism, technically-skilled skiers, and provides life purpose through sport for young athletes – who in turn pay it forward.

Lilla Roy, provincial team alumni, assists a first-time roller-ski participant during the Big Roll.

Let’s go back to 1979, when Pierre Roy was president of the P.A. Arctic Fox Cross-Country Ski Club. Roy initiated a 24 hour relay roller-thon. The event flyer included his quote, which holds true today: “Your support will guarantee a high caliber of instructors for tomorrow’s skiers”. Indeed, many alumni of the P.A. Arctic Fox club continued on to coach and volunteer within the cross-country ski community.

A generation after the Arctic Fox relay, Pierre Roy’s daughter, a provincial team alumni who also trained with Arctic Fox, volunteered at the Big Roll. Lilla Roy coached participants in the “try-it” roller-ski, and provided support to the provincial team athletes during the event. She volunteers with the current provincial team and served as assistant coach at the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

Thank-you to all supporters of the Nova Scotia cross-country ski team, a historic program, that provides meaningful life-long experiences for many Nova Scotians.

Read more about the P.A. Arctic Fox Roller-Ski Relay (click this link).

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1979 P. A. Arctic Fox Roller-Ski Relay

Athletes roller-skied for 24 hours in a 1979 roller-ski relay organized by P. A. Arctic Fox Cross-Country Ski Club, at the KMart parking lot in Dartmouth – complete with tents and a sofa to rest between intervals. Arctic Fox paid $183 for radio ads and $32 for printing costs to organize what proved to be a memorable event. Thank-you to Pierre Roy for sending along this information.

Published: November 8, 2019

“Yes that was a fun time. We raised $2000 to support our team activities. The funds raised bought roller skis and helped fund camps. At the time we were mostly students from Prince Andrew high school.” – Pierre Roy

Sue Corrigan (Hill) participates in the event. Thank-you to Sue for contributing this photo.

President’s Note – Flyer

“Your support will guarantee a high caliber of instructors for tomorrow’s skiers.

Pierre Roy – President’s Note, 1979 Event Flyer

A historically accurate quote. Many of the PA/Arctic Fox skiers, have chosen to pay it forward to the next generation of skiers, as identified in Pierre’s commentary below. Fast forward to today’s provincial team, and coaches with Arctic Fox backgrounds are amongst volunteers supporting the next generation.

“I have fond memories of the fabulous group of skiers that have their roots from PA/Arctic Fox I suspect the list is quite long of those that enjoyed many training camps in Wentworth HI hostel , those that honoured the provincial ski team and those that gave back and are still on the go”, Pierre Roy.

Carl Purcell, a former teacher at Prince Andrew High School, initiated the P. A. Arctic Fox Cross-Country Ski Club, in the 1960’s. Purcell’s efforts and enthusiasm to build this team, contributed to many victories during his years as coach, and helped set the foundation for cross-country skiing in Nova Scotia.

Arctic Fox History – Flyer

“The P.A. Arctic Fox Cross-Country Ski Club started through the enthusiasm of Carl Purcell, a former teacher at Prince Andrew High School.” – Pierre Roy, club history as outlined in the event flyer.

2019/20 Provincial Team Roller-Thon, Nov 10th

The provincial cross-country ski team is set to host its first annual roller-thon, to increase awareness for roller-skiing, and raise necessary funds for training expenses. Halifax Nordic is hosting a “Try-It Roller-Ski” session alongside this event. Event listing (click link)

BIG Roll, Provincial Cross-Country Ski Team

Try-It Roller-Skiing, Halifax Nordic Ski Club

SUN NOV 10 | 10 – 2 | Chain of Lakes Trail | 115 Chain Lake Drive

Event Listing | gofundme |