NS Cross Country Ski Team


The CCNS High Performance Program strives to create engaged young role models who are motivated for success at the national level, as well as inspire future generations of nationally competitive provincial ski teams.


Nova Scotia has the capacity to develop junior athletes to be nationally ranked in the top 10 skiers in their age group.  Nova Scotian athletes can be recognized in Canada for their determined racing, as well as their enthusiastic team spirit.


  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Mentorship
  • Fair Play & Respect
  • Strive for Excellence




2018-2019 Provincial Team

A Team
Colin Ward Halifax Nordic
Maggie McClure Halifax Nordic
Jonah Hudec North Highlands Nordic
Fiona McClure Halifax Nordic
Caden MacLeod North Highlands Nordic
B Team
Mariah Hudec North Highlands Nordic
Ogen Newcombe Halifax Nordic
Oscar Green Halifax Nordic
Development Team
Grace McIntyre Halifax Nordic
Allie Martin Halifax Nordic
Milo Sircom-Brown Halifax Nordic
Cohen Norman Halifax Nordic