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The Bryan Scallion Memorial Fund

The Bryan Scallion Memorial fund is created in memory of Bryan W. Scallion (1951-2003). Bryan was an excellent athlete who was recognized at a national level in various sports while training in the province of Nova Scotia. This fund is designed to support cross-country skiers, biathletes, and triathletes from the province of Nova Scotia as they endeavour to make their mark on the national scene.

Born on March 27, 1951, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bryan was a leader in the Nova Scotia sporting community. Participating in events ranging from track and field to triathlon to cross-country skiing, Bryan's talent and dedication usually had him leading the field. Cross-country skiing was Bryan's first love. Bryan represented Nova Scotia at the Canada Winter Games as an athlete in 1971 and 1975. In addition to his stalwart dedication to Nova Scotia, where he trained and lived, Bryan also represented Canada as a member of the National Biathlon team and the National Espoir Cross-Country Ski team from 1977-1982. Bryan won the Canadian Ski Marathon during this time, as well as various national titles. He was also selected to the Canadian Olympic Biathlon team for the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. Bryan achieved all of these skiing honours while living and training in Nova Scotia.

When he was not skiing, Bryan participated in many other sports. Bryan competed on the Dalhousie Cross-Country Running team during his years at the school. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bryan continued to run on the road circuit in Nova Scotia with very admirable results. In his later years Bryan took up the sports of triathlon and duathlon. Always a contender in his age group, Bryan also won two provincial titles when he was over forty years old. Bryan was his national age group champion various times in both triathlon and duathlon and represented Canada at World Championships as an age-group athlete. His goal was to finish in the top ten at a world championships, and he came very close with a couple 11th and 12th place finishes. He was planning on attending the World Championships again in 2003 to try to achieve his goal once again. Bryan was also a spirited and tough competitor in road and mountain biking events, as well as orienteering.

Not only was Bryan a superb athlete, he was also an outstanding coach and administrator. Bryan coached the Nova Scotia Provincial Cross-Country Ski team for many years, including at the Canada Winter Games in 1979 and 1983. Many of the athletes who were on these teams speak of the long-lasting influence that Bryan had on their lives. In his years as coach for the provincial teams, and after, Bryan organized the Honey Pot Ski Loppet in Wentworth, Nova Scotia, which raised money to support the provincial ski team. For the 1987 Canada Winter Games, Bryan designed the trail system for the cross-country skiing and biathlon events. In 1991, Bryan was the Chief of Competition for the biathlon events at the Canada Winter Games. Between 1995 and 2007, at least one of Bryan's children continued the family tradition by representing Nova Scotia in various events at every Canada Winter Games. Over the years, Bryan has also coached the Cobequid Educational Centre distance runners in both track and field and cross country. Bryan was always interested in his athletes having a long-term dedication and love of the sports they competed in. He led by example.

Bryan worked as a Fisheries and Oceans officer in conservation and protection. He also had extensive real-estate holdings. Bryan trained to be a meteorological technician and, at one point, spent eight months working on Sable Island. He also spent many years as a beekeeper. Bryan took his training philosophies with him into the world of work. He truly loved his jobs and dedicated all of his energies to being the best that he could be in those fields. Bryan was extremely well-read on many subjects, including wildlife, flowers, and building rock walls. As he would say, "Walk a rock to rock the walk."

Bryan had a lasting impact on the lives of many people not only those who were touched by him through sport. His dedication to fun and enjoyment of an active lifestyle, his love of competition, and his loyalty to his province and country have led many to follow in his footsteps.

Bryan is survived by his wife, Dianne Powell; his children, Conor, Margret, Kate and Ewan; his mother, Marie; his brother, Frederick (Anne-Marie, Caroline, Sebastien); and his sister, Sharon George (Charlie, Sarah, Alexandra, Wesley, Christopher); as well as all of the other athletes whose lives he has touched.

The Bryan Scallion Memorial Fund is awarded annually. The application deadline is September 1. Applicants will be notified about a month after the deadline.

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To make a donation to the Bryan Scallion Memorial Fund, please contact Dianne Powell.

Bryan (front row, centre) with members of the Nova Scotia contingent at the 2001 National Triathlon Championships in Drummondville, Quebec.
From left: Andrew Snowdon, Paul Crosby, Kerry Copeland, Steve Hurlburt, Cindy Nickerson, Kathryn MacKinnon, Aaron Web, and Jeff O’Connell (kneeling).